2G + rule from December 15, 2021
Dear Sir or Madam, dear guests,
On December 14th, 2021, the state government decided on the new version of the Corona Control Ordinance, which will come into force today.
All further information can be found in the replacement announcement on the following LINK:


Regarding the innovations, please pay attention to § 17 accommodation establishments, the 2 G regulation + (vaccinated; recovered) as well as compulsory test upon arrival apply. Guests are not required to test if they have a booster vaccination.
For children up to school enrollment, the test does not apply and for minors who have been tested in accordance with Section 2 Number 6 SchAusnahmV or who can prove by means of a certificate from their school that they are regularly tested twice a week as part of a binding school protection concept; In the period from December 23, 2021 to January 9, 2022, this only applies in connection with a test certificate within the meaning of § 2 number 7 letter c SchAusnahmV, which is no more than 72 hours ago, or with the information of a guardian about the implementation of a Authorized self-tests, which occurred no more than 72 hours ago, in accordance with the instructions for use at the student’s home, including the date on which the test was carried out (self-assessment).

In § 7 restaurant, the 2 G regulation also applies as before; recovered.
For the accommodation of business travelers, the 3 G rule with daily testing remains in place; this only applies to unvaccinated and unrecovered guests. In the case of vaccinated business travelers, a test template applies on arrival.

In areas in which there is regular contact with guests, innkeepers, employees and guests must wear a face-to-face mask.

The 2 G + regulation applies in discos, similar establishments and restaurants in which guests are not predominantly seated at fixed seats. Additional testing is not required if a booster vaccination has taken place after the complete vaccination. For employees in discos or similar facilities, an underlying test applies, which must not be more than six hours old when starting work.

Please note that the state government’s FAQs have not yet been updated at this point in time.

Ebb & tide

Barefoot through the mud Sylt lies in the middle of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. With an area of almost 4500 km², it is the largest national park in Germany and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.

The Wadden Sea Protection Station in Hörnum, Rantum, Westerland or Morsum is a good place to go for a tour of the Wadden Sea

BUT CAUTION: Pay attention to the tide calendar.

Tide Calendar

THE Rantumbasin

is an almost 600 hectare large water basin in Rantum, which was surrounded by a dike at the end of the 1930s in order to achieve a constant water level for the originally planned airport for seaplanes. In fact, the Rantum Basin was never used as a water airport.

A sea bird sanctuary was set up on the newly reclaimed natural area, which today attracts ornithologists from all over Germany. The Rantum basin is now one of the most species-rich bird sanctuaries in northern Germany, where more than 50 bird species can be admired while they are breeding and resting.
Especially at the time of bird migration, thousands of birds can be seen in huge flocks during floods!